Description & History

The Boxer comes from Germany and was virtually unknown outside its own country until after the Second World War.

The Boxer is descended from the Barenbeisser and the Bullenbeisser - both breeds which were closely related to the Mastiff.

These dogs were all-rounders. With fine muscular physiques and strong broad jaws, they were originally used for bear and bull-baiting. They were courageous hunting dogs that were capable of dealing with big game such as wild ox and wild boar. Also they were used on the farms as cattle dogs.

The present day Boxer was developed in Munich towards the end of the nineteenth century. The English Bulldog and the small Mastiff type dogs were used to further develop the breed. The name "Boxer" was established about the same time. In 191O the breed standard was formalised.

The Boxer was one of the first breeds to be used by the German police. Also they were successfully trained as guide dogs for the blind.

The breed had a small but strong following in America before the Second World War, but did not receive the same support in Great Britain until after the war. The British Boxer Club was founded in 1936.

An energetic breed, they tend to retain their youth and thoroughly enjoy an active life for a lot longer than some breeds.

Rosamund Walters.

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