Description & History

The Scottish Terrier is believed to have originated in the Western Islands and the Highlands of Scotland.

Very little is known about the breed before the end of the nineteenth century, when they first appeared on the show-bench. Rough coated terriers lived and worked in the very far north of Scotland for hundreds of years, so it must be safe to assume that its ancestry is connected with these terriers.

Although no records appear to have been kept on the development of the breed, their characteristics are much the same as other earth terriers.

A strong and active dog which, as well as being terrier, was also a working dog that would hunt among the rocks and in the burrows to control vermin. Today's Scottish Terrier is a keen rabbitter and, once on the scent, is not easily deterred.

They have been called by various names, including Aberdeen

Terrier, principally because they came mainly from that area. In 1897, when the breed was registered with the British Kennel Club, the "Scottie" became officially known as the Scottish Terrier.

The Scottie is another of the terrier breeds which has been successful in the show ring at home and overseas. In the United States, France , Holland and Germany the breed has a strong following, as well as in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Rosamund Walters.

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