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There are very few breeds for which it is possible to give a wholly accurate account of their history, but the Cesky Terrier from the Czech Republic is one of them.

The breed's founder, Frantisek Horak, a geneticist, originally owned Scottish Terriers which he used for hunting in the countryside near his home. They were successful at working all types of game but didn't always work well together when hunting as a pack.

Although today's Cesky Terriers are seen in the show ring, Horak's aim was to breed a dog which could go to ground and be capable of holding its own against the fox and badger. Therefore he needed to find another breed similar to his Scotties in which he could make a suitable cross. Conformation and colouring were just as important as field work in his aim to create a terrier which, in his mind, fulfilled all the necessary requirements of a good hunting dog.

The Welsh Sealyham, a capable and workmanlike breed, was chosen by Horak, and in 1949 the first litter of Cesky Terriers was born.

Horak, like all successful breeders, initially had setbacks in his well thought out breeding program. Setbacks turned into successes, and ten years after the original litter was born he publicly displayed his breed at an international show. He had accomplished his aim in producing a dog with attractive conformation and colouring which was also proven in the field.

In 1959 the breed was recognised by the Czechoslovakian Kennel Club.

In the United Kingdom the Cesky is one of the breeds which is on the Import Register, but as soon as this attractive dog becomes better known and its numbers increase it will be able to participate in Group Competitions. At the present time (1997) there are about sixty dogs in the United Kingsom.

The breed is popular in continental Europe and the United States, and has achieved success in the show ring in both continents.

Rosamund Walters.

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